Ajax In-Line Screen Reclaimer

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    The Lawson Ajax In-Line Reclaimer is ideal for all garment, t-shirt and graphic printing size screen frames up to 25" x 36" O.D. If you are a small shop, your workflow and time is one of your most valuable resources that you want to improve and protect. The Ajax-R's small footprint and reasonable price will improve your quality of life. No longer will you be doing the most time-consuming, dirty and dreaded job in your own shop. Reclaim your screens (i.e. remove all ink and emulsion) quickly and easily. Approximate cycle time is only 60 - 120 seconds. 

    The Lawson Ajax In-Line Reclaimer uses less chemicals and is faster than the competition. The Ajax offer the greatest Value, and is the most compact, simple-to-use and maintain system in the industry. 

    Automated reclaiming provides consistency throughout the day by eliminating variables, such as operator attention deficit issues, operator fatigue, inadequate training and inconsistent application of standard operating procedures (SOP). 

    Lawson’s exclusive pinch roller, single motor drive system is simple, reliable and requires little to no maintenance. The spring loaded pinch roller drive system automatically adjusts to various frame profiles and frame sizes. The clear front viewing panel allows easy viewing as screens are cleaned. 

    The Lawson Ajax In-Line increases productivity and reduces labor costs and minimizes employee exposure to a messy job. It takes the dirty job of reclaiming screens and makes it much more productive and consistent.

    The Lawson Advantages of the Ajax-R

    •  Size: Lawson's Ajax-R is only 10 feet long.
    •  Drive system: Lawson uses pinch rollers, not chains, that require no maintenance.
    •  Screen chase: Lawson has no additional purchases to actually use the machine for standard size frames. No screen chases or "carriers" required.
    •  Design: Lawson has 1 cleaning chamber so no worries about chemical cross contamination.
    •  Chemical Usage: Lawson requires about 10 gallons of chemical compared to about 100 gallons required from other screen cleaning machines for the same amount of screens.
    •  Cost: Lawson's unit is a fraction of the cost, plus it can be self-installed. The competitors require a multi thousand dollar install trip if you want to have their standard warranty.
    •  Power Requirements: Lawson saves about 80 amps compared to other reclaim units reducing your energy bill and lowering your overhead.