White Plastisol Inks

    Screen Printing White Plastisol Ink

    Lawson Screen & Digital Products offers Dynamic Ink and Multi-Technologies Multi-Choice/Multi-Choice Opaque (MCO) as a great selection of White Plastisol Inks. These white screen printing plastisol inks are great for a multitude of standard and specialty textile applications including screen printing on 100% cotton fabrics, 50/50 blends, 100% polyester, triblends and even nylon mesh and dazzle fabrics. Multi-Tech also offers custom formulations and can design an ink that meets your specifications and needs. Guaranteed money-back product buy/sample program.

    Trying to decide what the best white plastisol ink to use is? Use this guide to help decide what the right choice is for you:

    Use DI-1550 LB White Ink When: You are screen printing 100% polyester, tri-blends & certain 50/50 tshirts and other synthetic fibers.
    Use MCO-1560 50/50 White Ink When: You are screen printing 100% cotton and certain 50/50 shirts.

    Always pretest before use to establish suitability and procedures prior to production
    For help deciding the right white ink for you, please refer to our blog: White Plastisol Inks - Which One is Best for Me?