Spot Process separation studio

Separation Studio


  • $895.00

separation studio images

Screen Print Specific Features:

  • Dynamic Under Base
  • 3 Black Channel
  • Top White
  • Color Enhancement
  • Accurate Color Preview
  • Auto Color Merging
  • Auto Save

Here are some examples of separations using Spot Process

Start Making Money

Profits grow when you offer more options and better quality to your customers, provide a faster turnaround, and incur little shop downtime.

Spot Process is as much a business solution as it is a tool for the artist. It is as much a software solution as it is an on-press procedure with proven techniques and consistencies that make your workday better and more profitable.

Can it really be that easy?

Open your art file (TIFF / RGB mode) and in just seconds Spot Process delivers screen-print friendly, color separated channels. Match the on-screen Spot Process seps to your original file by using the built in color sliders then output the seps from your favorite illustration program, go to press and expect great results!

Running Spot Process VueRite and achieving outstanding results is very simple and every shop can enjoy the fruits of our labor and experience. From job one many users will be sold on its ease of use and top-quality reproduction. Others may need some assistance understanding procedures they are unfamiliar with and we are here to help. What is most important to your success is starting with a good, well saturated art file then following the sound pre-press and press guidelines. They are easy to follow and in fact save you time and money because shop standards reduce product waste and shop downtime. From file prep to print order and screen mesh counts to screen angles we have worked it out so you can achieve the best prints your shop has ever produced.