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Koozie Platen

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Screen printing on blank koozies is a popular item. This is a good ASI item to that every screen print shop should be able to print on. Customer's love having blank koozies screen printed with their name, favorite sports team, fraternity/sorority name and so much more.

Lawson Screen & Digital's blank koozie platen is used for screen printing on up to three (3) koozies (can coolers) at the same time. This is our standard 3-platen Koozie printing attachment. The dimensions of the individual koozie spots is is approximately 4" W x 6" L x 1/2" D.

Due to the nature of different koozie styles and size, please call Lawson at (314) 382-9300 to discuss the blank koozies you will be printing on. We are here to help you screen print better.