Expo-NV Exposure Unit

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  • $695.00

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Floor legs sold separately

The Lawson Expo-NV is a completely self-contained table top screen exposure unit. It is ideal for small screen printers who are either new to screen printing, working out of their home, basement or garage. This is a plug-n-play exposure unit that is an easy, low cost way to inprove screen printing screen exposure. The Lawson Expo-NV frame exposure unit is simple to use, economical and better than a DIY screen exposure unit. It is shipped fully assembled, ready to use, with the entire light source contained in the main housing.

Its compact enough to be easily moved anywhere and uses standard 120-volt, plug-in wiring. The Lawson Expo-NV is an economical alternative to more expensive vacuum/exposure systems. The Expo-NV's dynamically balanced and focused-beam fluorescent tube system helps ensure good, clean stencil definition, screen after screen. The weighted top/cover creates good pressure needed to hold your film positive firmly against your screen printing frame mesh. This helps produce finer detail, halftones, crisp edges and smaller point text.

To add versatility, the Expo-NV can also be used as a light table. Simply place a durable, high-density piece of translucent fiberglass over the glass exposure surface, flip a switch, and you now have two machines in one! If you want to save money, this is a good exposure unit -- backed by a reputable company.


  • Easy-to-Use with simple on/off switch
  • Dynamically Balanced - 6 Tubes/Bulb System
  • Focused Light Rays
  • Instant-Start Fluorescent Tubes
  • Non-Reflective Pressure Board
  • Exposure area of 20" x 24" or 24" x 31" (depending on model)
  • Bench Model Design
  • 120-Volt, Standard Plug-In Wiring
  • Shipped Fully Assembled
  • One-Year Parts Warranty (Excludes Glass)


  • Wood & Aluminum Screen Frames
  • Floor Stand/Leg Kit
  • Export Electrics (220 volts)