White Screen Printing Plastisol Ink MCO 1397

MCO-1397 Super Poly White Plastisol Ink


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Multi-tech logoMCO-1397 Super Poly White: Our newest white plastisol ink is designed for printing on polyester and poly-blended fabric. This is our most bleed-resistant plastisol ink. MCO-1397 can also be used for printing on the toughest bleeders, even camo polyester.

MCO-1397 also flashes extremely fast, and can be fully cured at only 260-F, so you can use this plastisol for low-cure applications too. Extremely stretchy, 1397 can also be used to print on spandex and other stretchy materials.

This is a premium white ink specifically formulated for superior bleed resistance and opacity when printing on "bad bleeders" / polyester materials. Printing characteristics provide for heavier ink deposit for ultimate whiteness and opacity.  

Always pretest before use to establish suitability and procedures prior to production.