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Men's Micro-Fiber Short Sleeve Shirt

Vapor Apparel

  • $7.13

100% Micro-Fiber Polyester. For the true athlete - made of high performance micro-fiber, this fabric offers a smooth feel that keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Materials: 100% Micro-Fiber Polyester

Weight: 5.0oz

Description: Engineered with Intera's permanent moisture wicking, this material is perfect for outdoor enthusiast and athlete. Light and durable, the material is anti-bacterial and mildew resistant.

Sizes: XS - 3XL (Click here for Sizing Chart)

Features: Wicking factor, sublimation-friendly colors, two needle double-stitch seams, four thread over-lock for extra strength in hem seams, loose fit cut.

Care:Improper Care of your garment can lead to depletion of the fabric's performance levels over time. By following basic washing instructions, you can maintain the high quality performance of your technical apparel. Never use dryer sheets or fabric softener - these clog the pores of the fabric and deplete performance. Use minimum amount of laundry products. Their additives can clog the fabric, inhibiting the wicking power of the fiber. We recommend using bleach free/scent free detergents.

Great For: Athletes, school team wear, outdoor market, athletic retail shops, health clubs.