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Men's Basic T Shortsleeve

Vapor Apparel

  • $6.92

Go above the conventional t-shirt.
Give your customers a sharper look.
Vapor Apparel offers premium performance fabrics and fashionable cuts.

Built to Last: All styles are made with a self fabric two needle cover stitch-in-hem and four-thread over lock for extra strength in all other hems.

Customization Ready: Digital decorators deserve garments designed to their specifications and needs. Every garment is ready for artwork without prepping or cleaning. Vapor Apparel is your ideal performance apparel partner.

Basic Performance-T Line
Priced better than other sublimation-ready shirts, this 6.1 oz. shirt has been styled and designed to allow for maximum movement and comfort.

The Basic Performance-T is more comfortable than other well-known sublimation shirts because the performance fabric has been engineered to keep you cool. This fabric wicks moisture away from the body while other shirts actually trap moisture. Built in anti-microbial and anti-stain features are an added bonus. This lower cost of performance apparel option for screen printers is available in Bright White and Ringer styles.

Environmental issues will effect production. We recommends between 380-390°F with 45-55 seconds of press time with light pressure. Ensure your press is providing an accurate temperature reading. To ensure the best long-term wickability of the garment, refrain from using fabric softener.