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Multi-Mix Ink Mixer

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $2,395.00

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Adjustable turntable and mixing blade for easy stirring of any screen printing plastisol or water based ink, along with any other ink or liquid that needs mixing. This is a AC drive version is variable speed and is reversible. Excellent for stirring plastisol ink and adding various ink effects, such as glitter and fluorescent to bases. Standard 120 volt plug-in.

The Lawson Multi-Mix is simple, easy to use and maintain. Great for mixing plastisol or other "thick" inks. The Multi-Mix uses a unique "pull and fold" method of mixing that eliminates mess and eliminates air bubbles. 

  • Rotate the container rather than the stirring blade
  • Reversible mixing direction
  • Variable clamp system holds 1 quart, gallon or 5 gallon containers (1 to 20 liters)
  • Accepts the full range of U.S. and international container sizes
  • A quart, gallon and 5 gallon blade are included (3 blades in total)
  • Buy additional blades for quick color change-over
  • Thorough blending with no sore arms
  • Sides and bottom of the bucket is blended more thoroughly than with a hand mixer
  • Cleanup is fast and simple
  • Variable speed control on the AC Current (AC) model
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Est. 155 pounds

715-875-2 Multi-Mix D/C ............................ $2,395.00
715-875-9 Packaging/Crating ......................... $125.00
715-880-1 One (1) Gallon Mixing Paddle ........... $95.00
715-880-1 Five(5) Gallon Mixing Paddle ............. $105.00