Specialty Materials Deco Sparkle

Specialty Materials

  • $45.20

DecoSparkle films are very thick and require increased downward pressure of your knife blade in order to ensure clean cuts and easy weeding.This polyester film is dimensionally stable and does not stretch or layer.

This computer plotter-cutable heat transfer film transfers at 300°F. Press with medium to firm pressure for 10-12 seconds, let garment cool before removing backing sheet. DecoSparkle will adhere to most fabrics including some mesh athletic uniforms. Always test before production.

No nylon, dazzle cloth, shiny polyester or moisture-wicking materials.

  •  DS-5601 Royal Blue
  •  DS-5605 Violet
  •  DS-5606 Fucshia
  •  DS-5607 Dark Pink
  •  DS-5609 Orange
  •  DS-5610 Rainbow
  •  DS-5611 Aqua
  •  DS-5611 Sky Blue
  •  DS-5613 Navy Blue
  •  DS-5615 Brown
  •  DS-5617 Crystal Silver
  •  DS-5618 Crystal Gold
  •  DS-5619 Spectrum
  •  DS-5620 Red
  •  DS-5621 Round Multi
  •  DS-5630 Black
  •  DS-5640 Purple
  •  DS-5650 Silver
  •  DS-5660 Gold
  •  DS-5670 Pink
  •  DS-5680 Green
  •  DS-5690 Blue

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