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Hotmark Revolution Heat Transfer Cuttable Media

Chemica US

  • $44.79

Hotmark Revolution heat transfer vinyl is considered the best heat applied vinyl on the market. A Product of the Year winner, this vinyl can: Be applied as low as 230 degrees to virtually eliminate platen marks; Go on everything - from cotton to polyester; Is 3 mils thick for the best stretch performance.

Hotmark Revolution heat transfer media versitality means it adheres and can be applied to cotton, polyester, Nylon, acrylic and similar fabrics. This makes it the best vinyl for t-shirts, jerseys, spandex, athletic performance wear and more. You can use a hot or cold peel method. This Chemica low temperature heat applied vinyl material weeds easily. Free shipping available.

This product is Oeko-Tex approved.

Application Instructions:

  1. Cut the material in reverse with the recommended blade (45°)
  2. Weed the excess material
  3. Heat press on the garment following the recommended time and temperature for the type of fabric being used and protect the polyester carrier with silicone paper
    • Cotton/Poly Standard 245℉ - 20s
    • Cotton/Polly Low Temp 230℉ - 25s
    • Cotton Quick Time 285℉ - 5s
    • Nylon 285℉ - 20s
  4. Peel the carrier off either hot or cold (**Nylon=HOT peel only)

Washing: Allow 24 hours before washing. To wash, the maximum of 140℉ for Cotton and Polyester, and 100℉ for nylon. Wash garment inside-out, do not bleach, and tumble dry.

Storage: Store Hotmark Revolution vinyl up to 1 year in a dry room, away from the sunlight, and in a vertical position.