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Epson SureColor F2000 Direct-to-Garment Printer

*This Item Has Been Discontinued.

The Epson SureColor F2000 is one of the best direct to garment printer on the market. Designed with advanced technology, such as the EPSON PrecisionCore® TFP® Print Head, this printer guarantees excellent print quality and high production speeds. The Epson direct-to-garment printer is by far the easiest printer to set-up, operate, and maintain. It is designed to be used at home, at work, and even at event-site locations.

The SureColor F2000 series will redefine direct-to-garment (DTG) imaging. Starting your own custom t-shirt business is the most practical choice to deliver customers perfection! Direct-to-Garment Printing gives you the ability to expand the horizons of your business by being able to customize your own designs on a variety of different garments such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Shoes, Socks, Caps, Towels, and much more using quick-change interchangeable platens! This type of printing helps achieve high-resolution, crisp graphic detail with full-color capability while also eliminating the cost-to-color ratio compared to other printing methods. Operation of a DTG business is smooth sailing as it is maintenance friendly and you can replace your own filters, etc. with no technician to be called or one needed for installation. You will find yourself having much more time on your hands to brainstorm great designs, ideas, and more ways to increase your profit since owning a DTG business is less manual labor & less time consuming.

A DTG business is perfect for small orders as well as large orders and once the image is stored in the computer or on USB, you can print it on anything to create packages, which leads to even more profit for you! Owning a DTG business also gives you your own special connection to your community by getting involved with the local sport teams, churches, schools, and many other organizations around your community.

Standard Features:

  • Maximum Print Area: 16" x 20"
  • Epson MicroPiezo® TFP® Print Head
  • Photo-Realistic Resolution - Best in Industry
  • Epson UltraChrome DG Ink Technology
  • Quick-Change Interchangeable Platens
  • Adjustable Print Height
  • Plug-n-Play - No Installation Technician Required
  • Safety Stop Laser Light
  • 600 Milliliter Ink Cartridges 
  • User Maintenance Friendly - Replace your own filters, etc. No technician necessary
  • Epson Telephone Support Center - Free
  • 1 Year Free Parts and LABOR Warranty by Epson
  • 120 Volts; Standard Plug-In Wiring


SCF2000WE - White Edition
The F2000 White Edition prints both White & CMYK ink for printing on light or dark colored garments.
SCF2000SE - Standard Edition
The F2000 Standard Edition will print only with CMYK ink, but it will print twice as fast as the above printer. For the company that prints on a lot of white garments, this is an excellent choice.

Optional Accessories:

UltraChrome DG Ink 600ml UltraChrome DG  Epson Ink Cartridges (600ml)
497-103-1-EA - Black Ink Cartridge
497-103-2-EA - Cyan Ink Cartridge
497-103-3-EA - Magenta Ink Cartridge
497-103-4-EA - Yellow Ink Cartridge
497-103-5-EA - White Ink Cartridge
Image Lock RFU DTG pre-treat solutions Image Lock RFU Pretreat Solution (1 Gal.)
497-1171-1G - "Ready-for-Use" is a universal pretreat solution for cotton material, with wide-application parameters. Image Lock RFU is specifically designed to minimize staining and blocking, and to increase color brilliance, soft hand feel, and wash fastness for all direct-to-garment prints.
Epson Pre-Treatment Fluid 20 Liter Epson Pre-Treatment Fluid (20 Liter)
497-103-0-EA - Mixed 1-to-1 with distilled water yields 40 liters of fluid. The pre-treatment fluid can be applied by rolling, airless sprayer, or pre-treatment machine. Pre-treatment application to a garment is required prior to use of UltraChrome DG White Ink.
Cleaning Cartridge (700ml)
497-103-11-EA - Cleaning cartridge used for periodic print head washing. Cartridge may be used for multiple cleanings.
Lawson Sleeve Platen for the Epson F2000 (4" x 20")
497-102-41-EA - This is a platen used for imaging on garment sleeves. Great for long sleeves as well!
Lawson Small Platen for the Epson F2000 (10" x 12")
497-102-31-EA - This small platen is useful for child apparel and small garment sizes.
Lawson Large Platen for the Epson F2000 (16" x 20")
497-102-11-EA - This large platen is useful for adult apparel and large garment sizes.
Optional Garment Sleeve Platen (4" x 4")
497-102-4-EA - This is a smaller platen used for imaging on garment sleeves.
Optional Small Garment Platen (10" x 12")
497-102-3-EA - This is the smallest standard platen useful for child apparel and small garment sizes.
Additional Medium Garment Platen (14" x 16")
497-102-2-EA - This is the same platen that ships with each printer. It is made available as an option for replacement purposes.
Optional Large Garment Platen (16" x 20")
497-102-1-EA - This is the largest platen available for the SureColor F2000 Series printers.
Epson F2000 Tube Washing kit Epson Direct-to-Garment Printer Tube Wash Kit
497-101-31-EA -  Instead of purging the white ink and running cleaning fluid through your Epson Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printer, you can now apply 10ml of this Tube Wash cleaning solution directly into the capping station before shutting down your printer.
Printer Maintenance Kit
497-101-3-EA - Maintaining the permanent cleaning cap is an essential component for ensuring long-term reliability of the print head. This simple maintenance should be completed using only the specific components of this kit: plastic gloves, cleaning liquid, plastic cup, small tip swabs and medium tip swabs. One kit is included with the printer. It is recommended to have a spare kit on hand.

Print Head Cleaning Kit
497-101-2-EA - This kit consists of replacement components for items specific to maintenance of the print head. Parts included are, the fabric head wiping system, parking cap, and flushing pad. Required use of these replacement items is based on actual usage of the printer. The life remaining status is easily monitored from the printer's LCD control panel.
Printer Air Filter
497-101-4-EA - Replacement Air Filter for the Epson SureColor F2000 Series DTG printers.
Additional 1 Year Epson Preferred Plus Service
497-101-5-EA - This plan extends the existing 1-year on-site F2000 repair limited warranty to two (2) years from the original product purchase date. This 1-Year extended service plan must be purchased while the product is covered under the standard 1-year warranty. Coverage with this option will expire two (2) years from the original product purchase date. Coverage may be extended at time of purchase (four stacked) or added each year for a maximum of 5 total years of coverage from the date of original purchase.
Lawson Zoom AE Lawson Pre-Treat Zoom AE
If you are looking for pretreat spray automation, the Lawson Zoom AE is an all-Electric, industrial, state-of-the-art pretreat application sprayer. Pretreat garments quickly, easily and consistently at the touch of a button - with zero "out-spray"
Lawson Digi-Dry Box
Items cured in Lawson's Digi-Dry Box make DTG prints feel more like a traditional screen print than when cured via a heat press. The Lawson Digi-Dry combines powerful Quartz infra-red with a powerful air-evacuation system that pulls the moisture through and out of the garment, while curing the ink itself.
Geo Knight Clamshell Heat Transfer Press, 16" x 20" w/ Auto-Pop
Utilize a heat transfer press to cure the pretreat onto a garment before printing with a direct to garment printer, and also for curing the DTG ink after printing. With the auto-pop feature, simply close the press as you normally do and at the end of the digital timing cycle the press releases automatically. View other models of heat transfer presses here.

DTG Curing Paper (Coated & Uncoated)
When using a heat transfer press, use a non-silicone (uncoated) pretreatment paper to protect the garment when drying the pretreatment. You will only use the silicone-treated (coated) parchment paper for curing the DTG inks after the entire print has been completed. These papers can be used a number of times before they become too wrinkled to use.
Kothari Print Pro RIP Software
497-303-1-EA - Print Pro RIP software for the Epson F2000 DTG printer will save you approximately 30% on CMYK ink usage and around 20% on white ink usage. In addition, with Print Pro your color gamut is expanded, and color representation is more vibrant.