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Shop a full range of inkjet printers, including DTG, DTF, dye-sub, and film positive printers.

Lawson Screen & Digital is a proud Epson Premier Elite Re-seller. We carry a wide selection of Epson printing and out-put products, from ink-jet printers, to large & wide format printers, ink cartridges, cleaning kits and more.

If you are a screen printer, Lawson offers a variety of printing film options. Looking for the best upgrades from the Epson 1430 or Epson 1400 printer for screen printing? The most popular and best film printers are the Epson P-800 and the Epson T-3270 for those wanting dark and dense screen printing film positive printers. 

Learn How to Print a Film Positive.

Both of these can also produce negative film positives.

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