Tearaway Backing 1.5 oz.

Lawson Screen & Digital Products

  • $15.08

The 1.5 oz. embroidery tearaway is a general purpose with a medium-firm hand tearaway that is easily applied to the back of fabric. It is specially designed to be torn from any direction, no scissors necessary. It is a top choice for stable fabrics with a faster removal and no risk of damaging the work. This tearaway works well with most fabrics, but not recommended for exceptionally delicate or stretch fabrics such as loosely knit sweaters.

Best applied to: aprons; Leather jackets; sweats; T-shirts; Blouses ­ silk and polyester; Coat linings; felts; Shorts ­ cotton and nylon; socks; Ties ­ knit and silk; Tote bags; Webbing and belting.

Comes in white, some sizes available in black.