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Tex-Ink 3 Textile Ink

U.S. Screen

  • $71.95

For use with "old" T-Jet Printers and other converted Epson-based DTG  printers. Lawson's Tex-Ink 3 will provide good performance with older DTG printers. Tex-Ink 3 is now available in the standard colors of CMYK colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). Whether you're printing four color plus white on Dark shirts, you can expect vibrant images with bold colors from the most advanced textile inks available.

With enhanced durability, color-fast images printed with Tex-Ink 3 will still look good wash after wash after wash.

You spoke and we listened;Tex-Ink 3 does not settle as easily as other inks, reducing the possibility of ink clogs. That means less maintenance and fewer head cleanings which are a contributing factor to ink usage. (The normal maintenance schedule still applies.)

From T-shirts to non-textiles,Tex-Ink 3 is the perfect choice for printing mouse pads, golf balls, baseball caps or just about anything else you desire (of course you should always pre-test to ensure compatibility and adhesion).

Picky about your prints? We're picky about the quality of our inks. With eye catching yellows and unbelievably warm reds, Tex-Ink 3 allows you to print an amazing image each and every time. You can feel confident that with Tex-Ink 3 you are getting a high quality print with the most vivid colors possible.


Curing: There are number of variables that can affect the print quality during the curing process. This includes the amount of ink on the garment, the length of cure time and the amount of pressure applied with the heat press. For Light Garments (with or without the use of pretreatment), cure for approximately 60 seconds or more at 330°F using a medium to heavy pressure. For Dark Garments with an underbase (using pretreatment #1 for Darks), cure for approximately 180 seconds or more at 330°F using a medium to heavy pressure. Cure times WILL vary based on the amount of ink used, type of fabric, humidity etc. The above recommendations are general guides. You may have to extend your cure times depending upon your location and print mode preferences.

Washability: Always perform wash tests. Wash garments inside out in cold water and use delicate or low heat dryer setting.

Cleaning: Use HD Cleaning Solution before changing over to Tex-Ink 3 inks. Please refer to the products literature before use.

Storage:Keep ink tightly capped in a cool, 50-100°F (19-38°C) area. DO NOT FREEZE.