Screen Printing Class in Atlanta GA

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $300.00

Lawson Screen & Digital Products invites everyone to their Textile Tech class in Atlanta Georgia. Weather you are a beginner and learning silk screen basics, or you are an avid printer who is looking to improve on technique, we welcome all.

Spend a day learning for our print experts. This screen printing course covers:

  • Guidelines for T-shirt design and separation
  • Screen mesh selection and stretching
  • Capillary film and direct emulsion coating
  • Exposure calculation
  • Ink preparation and mixing for different colored shirts
  • Conveyor dryer and press settings
  • Screen Printing Press setup & registration
  • Production and shop setup techniques
  • Silk screen equipment maintenance
  • Screen and plastisol ink cleanup
  • Stencil Removal from mesh
  • General troubleshooting
  • Extensive Q & A's

For additional information call 314-382-9300.

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