Screen Printing Chemicals  Ulano No.  60 Blockout

Ulano #60 Blockout


  • $16.79

Screen filler - a non-flammable, water soluble blockout for use with fine to medium mesh counts
A tough, slower drying, water soluble blockout. Heavy viscosity. Easily removed with water. Can be used in unventilated rooms since it contains no organic solvents. Recommended for use on all fabrics, with all stencil systems. Use only with non-aqueous inks. Blue color.


  • For direct emulsion and CDF Direct-Film stencils: Pour a small amount of Screen Filler No. 60 onto the border area of the fully processed and dried stencil on the printing side of the screen. Scrape it evenly into the fabric, using a piece of cardboard or plastic. Apply a second, "reinforcing" coat to the squeegee side of the screen, if necessary.
  • For Indirect System stencils: For best register and a strong "knit" between stencil and blockout, apply the Ulano No. 60 Screen Filler, as above, when the screen fabric is dry, but before the film is completely dry. Apply the blockout to the printing side of the screen, going over the edges of the backing sheet. Let the stencil and Screen Filler No. 60 dry completely before printing.
  • For touchups: Use full strength or thin Screen Filler No. 60 with water and touch up as needed with an artist's brush.
  • To remove: After ink removal, but before stencil removal, rinse with water.
  • Use Extra Heavy Blockout No. 10 for easier handling, for coverage with a single coating, or with coarse fabric.

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