PANTONE Color Cue 2.1: The Color Matching System


  • $349.00

Arguments about Pantone color matches are now a thing of the past. The Color Cue is a hand-held spectro-colorimeter, preprogrammed with PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Color data. Put the Color Cue on a color sample and it identifies the closest off the 1147 PANTONE Colors. It displays PANTONE Color ink formulas, CMYK, RGB, sRGB, HTML, Lab and Hexachrome® values. No bulky cords or complicated software, it is powered with a 9-volt battery that makes it portable and easy-to-use. 

Works perfectly with the Multi-Match series plastisol matching system.

The Color Cue™2.1 lets you identify the colors that inspire you and match PANTONE® Colors wherever you go. Combining two PANTONE Libraries in one hand-held device, the new Color Cue™2.1 enables you to cross match any material or surface to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and PANTONE for fashion and home or PANTONE for architecture and interiors color palettes. Move effortlessly from inspiration to realization. Integrating a desired color into your designs has never been easier. The sleek, new Color Cue™2.1 is ergonomically designed and loaded with features that make it easier to use.

Features include:

  • Two complete PANTONE Libraries in one device.
  • Identifies neighborhood colors - lighter/darker colors, redder/greener colors,
  • yellower/blues colors, close colors.
  • Larger multi-line color display.
  • Ability to save your 30 readings.
  • Stylish protective case to secure your Color Cue™2.1.