Aluminum Screen Mesh Frames 23" x 31" O.D.

Lawson Screen & Digital

  • $34.54

The Best Place to Buy Automatic Screen Printing Frames

These aluminum pre-stretched screen printing frames are some of the best screen printing screens for automatic printing. They are durable, won't warp over time and made in the USA. The Lawson Screen & Digital aluminum frames come with various different mesh counts for all different types of screen printing inks, including plastisol, water-based, glittery and specialty. Find your every day screen printing mesh frames with us.

Benefits of Aluminum Frames 23" x 31" O.D.

  • Aluminum Screen Printing Frames are about 1 pound lighter than wood.
  • Machine stretched and glued.
  • No warping when exposed to screen printing chemicals or dip tank solution
  • Top quality European mono-filament mesh is used to stretch mesh.
  • Meter controlled tension
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