Dual-Tack Pallet Tape


  • $49.50

The Dual-Tack Pallet Tape is perfect for screen printing platens, direct-to-garment printing pallets, and shirt boards. It is sticky on both sides to hold the shirt, hoodie or other garment in place without having to apply water-based or spray adhesive. This saves you money and keeps your shop cleaner.

The adhesive can be re-activated by wiping with a wet sponge.

This double sided platen tape comes in two sizes - 15" inches wide x 36 yards, 18" inches wide x 36 yards.

Watch video tutorial listed below

1.) Line the tape at the back of the pallet, and roll it out loosely to the other end.

2.) Cut off the tape from the roll a little past the edge of the platen, as so not to cut the tape on the pallet itself.

3.) Use a squeegee, or the roll of tape, to apply pressure and smooth out the tape onto the pallet, removing any air pockets. If air bubbles remain, you can gently and easily lift the tape from the pallet and set it back down to retry removing air pockets.

4.) Once you have a solid application with no air bubbles, take the corner and peel back the protective layer to expose the top adhesive side. If you happen to see an air pocket you missed, use a sharp knife, box cutter, or X-Acto to poke a hole in and press down to smooth out.

You are ready to print!

Another great thing about this tape is it is heat resistant and re-usable. If at some point during your run, you notice the tackiness is wearing off; take a spray bottle with water and spray the adhesive. Use a flat brush, or sponge to wipe off t-shirt or hoodie lint. After you have wiped it clean, run the platen under a flash cure unit to reactivate the adhesive.