Zippy DTG Pre-Treat Sprayer Overview

Lawson Zippy Automatic DTG Pre-Treat Sprayer Overview


Taylor Landesman discusses the best qualities of the Zippy Automatic DTG Pre-Treat Sprayer. The Zippy makes transitioning from spraying by hand to automatic spraying easy.

The Zippy direct-to-gamrent machine features a clear sliding front panel to contain all pre-treat solution, causing a safe work space, a standard pre-treat sprayer nozzle that is effortless to remove for daily maintenance, and a simple turn dial to adjust the platen speed to control pre-treat spray amount.

The Zippy Pre-treat Automatic DTG machine takes the guess work out of properly pre-treat a garment. With a smooth, automatic gliding platen, the pre-treat solution will be applied evenly and consistently every time.

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