Pro-Coat Screen Printing Emulsion Coater Demonstration

Pro-Coat Screen Printing Emulsion Coater Demonstration


Watch as Brian and Glen demonstrates how easy it is to use the Lawson Pro-Coat Automatic Screen Printing Emulsion Coater.

Fill the emulsion coater trough with your preferred emulsion. We used SBQ-1077. Then slide a screen into the uint and lock it into place. Hit the start button and watch the Pro-Coat coat the screen with ease. You can control the number of times it will coat, the tilt, and how fast the machine goes. This screen printing equipment can coat both, front and back of your frame.

This state-of-the-art screen printing machine assures ultra-consistent emulsion coating on mesh screen frames every time. The Lawson Pro-Coat is made in the USA, and is designed for quick pre-press set-up, easy use, minimal maintenance, and affordability so even the smaller shop can gain the benefit of precise coating control.

For more information call 314-382-9300 or visit the Pro-Coat Emulsion Coater page

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