Lawson Diamond Jet DTG - Speed Printing

Speed Printing with the Diamond Jet Direct-to-Garment


  • This is a live demo of the Lawson Diamond-Jet DTG Direct-to-Garment printer printing a high definition, full color CMYK 10" x 11" design with blazing speed (1:45) on a dark garment with a white underbase.

  • You are watching the high definition, high speed Lawson Diamond Jet DTG printer printing, remarkably, the white and CMYK simultaneously at 1200 x 1200 resolution at a finished print speed of 1 minute, 45 seconds.  The white is an ultra-white high-pigmented water based ink, achieving brilliant color, and the CMYK demonstrates an incredibly wide color gamut with a vibrancy rarely seen in DTG printing.  Zooming in for a close up, look at those remarkable colors!  Look at that high-definition speed printing!  Absolutely amazing.  1 minute, 44 seconds.

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