How to Cure PreTreat Solution & DTG Ink Using a Heat Press

How to Cure PreTreat Solution & DTG Ink Using a Heat Press


Taylor demonstrates how to use a heat press to cure direct-to-garment ink and pretreatment solution. It is super important this is done correctly, otherwise you may end up with unwanted results, such as the image coming off in the wash.

We recommend using the best heat press paper for each application. There are three different types of paper we recommend: parchment paper, silicone paper, and Teflon paper.

Silicone paper is used for curing DTG Ink. You will only use the silicone treated paper for curing after the entire print has been completed. You risk ruining a shirt if you use silicone paper in the pre-treatment phase.

Teflon paper is also used to cure DTG Ink and provides a shinier print with a different feel. Teflon® coated blanket holds transfers and numbers in place. Eliminates scorching on products and keeps transfers from sticking to each other.

To Dry a Pretreated T-Shirt:
First place the shirt on the heat press. Next, set the heat press temperature to 335 degrees (Fahrenheit). Set the parchment paper in place and lock the heat press down with light pressure. Give it about 15 seconds, then remove the paper, and adjust the heat press pressure for a little heavier. After another 15 seconds - you are cured!

Curing Printed Garments
Place the shirt on the heat press. Keep the heat press temperature set to 335 degrees (Fahrenheit). Hover the heat press lid over the image, but do not touch the image. Do this for 30 seconds. Afterwards, take silicone paper and place it over the image on the t-shirt and press down until it locks with light pressure. Wait 90 seconds to 2 minuets (we have found this time to be optimal, however, each shop has different conditions. Please try testing to find your optimal results)

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