Pre-Treat Tip Alignment Tool

The Lawson Pre-Treat Tip/Nozzle Alignment Tool

Pre-Treat Tip/Nozzle Alignment Tool

The Lawson Pre-Treat Alignment Tool

This easy-to-use and inexpensive tool will ensure that you are spraying your pretreat solution squarely across the platen. Every time you install a spray tip, you must align the tip, so it is straight.

Instead of using your hand, a wrench or pliers (which can actually damage the tip) and trying to visually inspect the slot in the spray tip, simply align the tool and milled line.  The Alignment Tool provides a visual target to properly align the tip-to-the-platen. It will also help you to insert and change between various tips quickly and easily.

What could be easier than using this tool?  Don't stress your fingers, your back or eyes any longer - take the worry out of tip alignment.

Only $19.90
Item #945-116-0-EA

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