Pre-Treat Spray Nozzles Tips

Lawson Pre-Treat Spray Nozzles/Tips

Lawson offers a wide variety of specialized nozzles/tips for use in your Lawson Pre-Treat spray unit. Here are some general principles to understand:

1. Set your Air-Pressure to at least 50 psi. The amount of psi will effect the uniformity and amount of fluid deposit. You will determine the "ideal" pressure setting for your particular environment and type of printing through "trial-and-error".

2. The Height of the Spray Head will effect the spray width you achieve. The higher the Nozzle from the substrate the wider the spray width.

3. The "old-style" of Tip Numbers had some meaning - the "new-style" is for reference purposes only (i.e. no meaning).
Here is the "old-style" system: The first two digits relate to the amount of fluid deposit, relative to each other. We use 01 - 02 & 03 designations. 01 sprays less fluid than the 02 or 03. 02 sprays more fluid than 01 but  not as much as 03.

The second set of numbers relate to the Spray Width. The larger the number the wider the spray width.

4. Note: Daily Purging of the System is critical to consistent spraying. The Nozzle/Tips can start to spray more narrowly as the edges become encrusted with salt deposits from the pretreat solution.

Here is a listing of some of our more popular tips:

Zoom: WENL
Vertical Pre-Treat: OENA

Lawson Pre-Treat Spray Nozzle TipsThis photo shows the multi-zone Pre-Treat Select.
The "standard" nozzle/tip configuration for this unit is a follows:
Left & Right = 01-40
Full = 03-95 (old style) - New Style = WENL (as of: 5-26-10) is our Most Used and is the standard Tip for the Zoom.
Middle = 03-65

Of course you can change the configuration to best suit your needs.

Pre-Treat Spray Nozzle TipNozzle/Tip
03-95: This was the most popular tip for use with the Brother GT-782 Printer - Old Style standard for Brother and Spray Width is approximately 16": #945-502-3-EA (old style)
New Style = WENL: 945-501-2-EA (it would be like a 95-02, had this type existed before)

Pre-Treat Spray Nozzle TipNozzle/Tip
01-95: (Old-Style designation) This is the most popular tip for use with Epson-based DTG printers.
It is also used with the Brother GT-782 when printing on items requiring less pretreat solution.
Spray Width is approximately 16": #945-502-1-EA
New Style = WENA: 945-502-0-EA

Pre-Treat Spray Nozzle TipNozzle/Tip
01-85 & 03-85
Spray Width is approximately 14"
01-85: #945-502-7-EA
03-85: #945-502-8-EA

Pre-Treat Spray Nozzle TipNozzle/Tip
01-80 & 03-80
Spray Width is approximately 12"
(Special Order)
03-80: #945-502-2-EA

Pre-Treat Spray Nozzle TipNozzle/Tip
01-65 & 03-65
Spray Width is approximately 9"
01-65: 945-501-4-EA
03-65: 945-501-6-EA

Pre-Treat Spray Nozzle TipNozzle/Tip
01-40 & 03-40
Spray Width is approximately 5"
01-40: 945-502-4-EA (As of: July, 2010...also called RNNA)
03-40: 945-501-8-EA

New VERTICAL Spray Nozzle/Tip
Spray Width is approximately 18"

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