Pre-Treat Express vs. SpeedTreater

Pre-Treat Express vs. Equipment Zone Speed Treater


Please note that some of the differences mentioned are oriented to the Dealer-market while other differences are targeted towards a conversation with the End-User/Prospect.

Here are some Important Differences between the Lawson Pre-Treat Express and the Equipment Zone SpeedTreater:

1. Dealer: Equipment Zone is your largest Competitor. Do you really want to support your competitor and encourage your prospects and customers to purchase from Equipment Zone INK and Future Equipment?

2. Many Customers who have had experience interacting and dealing with Equipment Zone and the Oster family (Harry, his wife & his son), their policies, attitudes, lack of follow-up and call backs, defensive posture on all topics involving quality, shipping or service are not satisfied (to say the least).

3. Dealer: Dealers who sell the SpeedTreater force their customers to interact and deal with Equipment Zone, because of the many Warranty Issues that arise with their equipment. Do you really want to subject your customers to the New Jersey and Oster way of doing business? I can guarantee that your customer will not be happy -- and it will come back to bite you in the rear.

4. Lawson’s Price is more expensive, when Equipment Zone runs a “Special or Discounts" – like giving away the Legs & Foot Pedal for free (this amounts to a $350.00 difference).

Dealer: You will lose a customer, potentially, for all their consumables, as Equipment Zone sends out e-Blast messages all the time saying they are the lowest price supplier of all DTG products and will beat anyone’s price. Is this what you really want – all for a measly $350.00? And by the way, if you are thinking your customer won’t switch because it will invalidate your warranty, guess again – as Harry honors the warranty himself, at least this is what he tells the customer to get them buying his ink!

End-User/Prospect: Let’s discuss what you get for an extra $350.00… You are buying a lot more than just “iron & steel” – you are buying a relationship that also includes:

  • An Instruction Manual that is substantial, accurate and meaningful and printed in color for easy reading and identification of parts. (The SpeedTreater Manual is Horrible!)

  • A Company that has been designing and manufacturing industrial equipment for over 61 years – this is not a “new venture” for Lawson.

  • Tech Support that is friendly and prompt (vs. “New Jersey” style) and offered by a Company that understands printing and curing equipment and who has been in business for 60+ years.

  • 24-Hour, “after hour”, Emergency Support

  • A “best-in-the-business” Warranty that is “Bumper-to-Bumper” (excludes the Tip)

  • Technical Differences (see below details)…

Now some Technical Benefits of our unit vs. the Competition

5. Drive System: Lawson uses a powerful DC drive gear motor, with solid-state controls, and a rugged Timing Belt, in conjunction with an extruded aluminum slide system vs. the Equipment Zone “Genie-brand” Garage Door Opener and track as their home-made drive system.

6. The Lawson Control Box is properly designed, labeled and documented in the Instruction Manual and is ETL & CE certified/approved – the competition’s is not documented well, and does not have certification labels. Our control panel is professionally sublimated with all controls clearly marked and is designed for easy viewing and cleaning.

7. The Lawson Platen System is raised up 4” to allow for easy loading of sweatshirts, hoodies, and specialty imprint items. Further, both our Platen and Catch Tray are made from durable, rust-proof Polypropylene (an inert material) vs. aluminum or steel which the competition uses and which are subject to corrosion.

8. Lawson’s method of adjusting the Spray Length is intuitive, faster, more accessible and not special training is required. By comparison, Equipment Zone requires the operator to change the computer program via a data pad that is extremely difficult to use and time-consuming to change.

9. The Lawson Spray Chamber is far superior as it is larger (less outside spray), more accessible (easier to clean) and more serviceable (most tubes & electrical wires and connections are protected from the spray solution) than the Competition.

Note: Both the Front Hood of the Chamber lifts for easy access and at the end of chamber, a Rear Panel hinges downward for easy access to the rear of the chamber.

10. The Lawson Purge System is far superior. With the Pre-Treat Express you simply press one button on the Control Panel. Equipment Zone makes you start their platen moving then press the Emergency Stop, then press a purge button that is not convenient (it’s a really messed up process).

11. The Pre-Treat Express Side Gutters are far superior. We use a Full Gutter that extends the entire length of both the right & left side of the Spray Chamber. Further we use an Oversize Drain Hose on each Gutter Tray that does not quickly clog like the Competition. We also use Left & Right Drain Buckets so they do not have to be changed so often.

12. The Lawson custom-manufactured Spray Tips, of which we have many, have tighter tolerances for greater consistency of spray than our Competitor. Further, with the Lawson Quick-Change Tip you can achieve spray coverage from approximately 4.5” to 9.5” to 17” simply by changing from one tip to another.

13. Lawson uses an External Air Source to power the Spray Head. The benefit of external air is: 1) it is very quiet, especially when the air-compressor is located in a different room; 2) the drive system is much smoother, as there is no internal air-compressor running – which causes lot of vibration and inconsistency of spray; 3) If there is a compressor malfunction, you are not “down”, as you can simply attached a different air source. Equipment Zone forces you to purchase their replacement compressor from them, which means you have Next Day Air Fees to pay (very expensive) and you better hope they have them in stock (which they may or may not)!

14. Lawson offers a 2.5 & 5 gallon pressure canisters for volume production – the Competition does not.

15. Lawson offers a greater product selection, as we also manufacture the Pre-Treat Select – a Zone Controlled, multiple spray head system. Great for our unique Trade-In, Trade-Up Program.

16. Why is Equipment Zone $120 cheaper for crating? Our prep of the unit, packing and crating is superior. How do I sell that part to my customers? I say to customers, “Do you really want to risk damage for $120.00?” The answer from the customer is always, “No, build me the best crate possible, it’s worth the extra money.”

17. Why does Lawson require payment prior to shipping? In 60 years of business Lawson has always received payment prior to shipment of equipment. Just like when I buy a car, I have to pay for it, before I drive it off the lot. Or just like when I buy a new dishwasher, I have to pay for it before it is delivered. This makes sense to me. This a policy that will never change – and I know on the very rare occasion we may lose a sale or two, but our hands are tied in this regard.

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