Nova QS Features

Why Buy the Lawson Nova-QS

1. Designed for Critical & Fine-Line Exposing: The Lawson Nova-QS incorporates the latest in metal-halide, shutter and light-integration technology available. As a result, the finest quality resolution is made possible, combined with the widest exposure latitude for diazo, dual-cure and photopolymer emulsions.

2. Instant Vacuum Draw-Down - Solid Film-to-Positive Contact: Lawson pioneered the "instant vacuum-draw system" to ensure rapid, quite and complete film-to-screen contact. A powerful 1¼ horsepower vacuum motor is used in combination with Lawson's special rubber-flex blanket material to create excellent vacuum contact while keeping the blanket around the corner of the frame soft. Average vacuum-draw time is only 3 - 5 seconds!

3. Rapid Exposure Times: The Nova-QS uses a 1,900 watt metal-halide bulb and a specialized reflector to decrease exposure time. This specialized combination produces the equivalent output of approximately 3,000 watts.

4. Easy to Install: The Nova-QS is easy to install. The unit can be "self-installed", with no special training or mechanical ability - it comes fully assembled. It can also fit through a standard 30" doorway with some minor disassembly and then reassembly.

5. Easy to Operate: No special talents or extensive training is required to operate the Nova-QS. This exposure unit is designed with simple and straightforward controls and can be operated by anyone. There are no "computer functions" to learn and complicated control panels to decipher. Instead, you will be exposing high-quality screens the very first day.

6. Easy to Maintain: You don't have to worry about power-failures, spike voltage, blown fuses or loose electrical connections with the Lawson Nova-QS. Why? Because there are built-in electrical safety controls, no complex wiring! The Nova-QS is an exposure unit that utilizes the latest, and simplest and electrical and mechanical design possible. The metal-halide bulb is easily accessible and easy to change. You can also easily clean the underneath side of the glass by simply sliding the protective light-shield out. In addition, our average bulb life is 2,000 hours - a lot longer than the competition.

7. Increase Production, Efficiency and Quality: Imagine if you could increase production in your screen-m

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