HD-MAX vs. M & R Sidewinder

The Lawson HD-MAX vs. the M&R Sidewinder




(As of December 19, 2006)
Here are some differences between the HD-MAX vs. the Sidewinder:

1) The HD-MAX is a Premium, Full-Featured press vs. what M & R calls their Sidewinder, “an entry-level” press.

2) The HD-MAX is a Side-Clamp Press that utilizes 4 knob clamps to firmly secure each frame in position vs. the Sidewinder’s 2-point Rear Clamp.

3) The HD-MAX’s Registration System is superior to the Sidewinder because of four main reasons:

A) Lawson uses twin-eccentric roller bearing vs. 2 static/fixed bearings on the Sidewinder. This means the HD-MAX cam achieve a “tighter fit/better match” to the registration tab on each head vs. the Sidewinder;
B) Lawson welds it roller-bearing support plate to the platen arm vs. simply bolting it in place, which is what the Sidewinder does. By welding this part, superior and longer-lasting registration is achieved. It is less expensive to bolt in place vs. welding. This is probably one of the reasons why M & R has just a 1-year limited parts warranty on the Sidewinder.
C) Everyone in the industry, including M & R admits that Side Clamps are superior to Rear Clamps – and that is why on the M & R Cameleon side clamps are standard. They tell people that if they want the best registration possible on the Sidewinder that they should purchase the optional side clamps. Side Camps are standard on the HD-MAX!
D) The HD-MAX incorporates a “No-Slip, No Dip” Micro-Registration vs. the Sidewinder’s traditional lock-knob design. You will notice that the HD-MAX’s micro-system uses a 3-plate design that contains the moveable plate within an upper and lower plate, supported by 4 precisely adjusted allen-bolts. Hence, when the HD lock-knob is loosened the screen does not slip or dip!

4) The HD-MAX Platen Support Rods are Adjustable vs. the Sidewinder’s fixed support tube for the pallets. This means that the HD-MAX platen support arms can more precisely tuned than the Sidewinder.

5) The HD-MAX has Platen Necks vs. a simple rectangular pallet on the Sidewinder. This aids in lining up and centering the shirt.

6) The HD-MAX has a 4-Point Leveling Platen vs. the Sidewinder’s 3-point level.

7) The HD-MAX Floor Stand is Stronger, wider and is welded vs. the Sidewinder’s bolt-on floor legs.

8) The HD-MAX has Anti-Warp Platens because they are supported by 2-1” Support Tubes along the length of the platens and are firmly held in place by 6 hex-head bolts. The Sidewinder’s pallet is only held in place by their single point/quick-release knob.

9) The HD-MAX Warranty is Superior: a Full 5-Years on all Parts vs. the 1-year limited parts warranty for the Sidewinder. Also, for only $99.00 a Lifetime Parts warranty can be purchased for the HD-MAX.

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