Meg P - Bison Apparel - Acworth, GA

"I would like to take this time to let you know how much I am enjoying my new Lawson Mini-Trooper Automatic. I was hesitant from the beginning in getting an “automated” press, since I was so comfortable using my manual press. I had become used to making adjustments and changing direction on the fly, and I was in my comfort zone with the manual. The other concern I had was that, even though we have a nice healthy business, we do many small orders, and I was afraid the Mini-Trooper would be overkill for what I needed.

The wonderful people at Lawson assured me that I would not be disappointed in purchasing the Mini-Trooper, and once trained, I would realize the simplicity of printing both the large and small jobs with the auto. You (Lawson) were right! The ease of printing jobs off of this machine is amazing, even for me! The set up, alignment/registration, micro-registration on the fly, etc, and most of all, quality of the print, is amazing. I always have focused on 110% quality, and thought we were there before with the manual printer, but now I KNOW we are there.

I decided, since making this large purchase, to go all out and get the automated carousel as well as the Lawson Hot-Shot Flash. Up front of course, you always over analyze the spending money…..Should I get it, should I not……and I have to say, those two items were the icing on the cake! I have made the right decision and could not be happier with buying this equipment from Lawson.

Lastly, without great support, nothing is worth the spend. From the original discussions I had with you, and then in speaking with Ben in St. Louis (nice to get to speak with an owner of a company!), I felt really comfortable in dealing with Lawson. In fact, I did not even shop around after that. I will opt for support and service over a deal all day long!!!

Last but not least, the training Ron provided was second to none. That of course was the missing piece to making this whole purchase successful. Ron was very pleasant to deal with, patient with my SLOW learning process, and very, very thorough! His detailed teaching and description, along with my note taking, allowed me to step right into the print and production mode. I really think I have only had to look at the manual once since I started using the Mini-Trooper.

Feel free to use me as a happy customer recommendation for your products and service. Thanks again for all of your time and I look forward to working with all of the folks at Lawson in the future!"

Meg P - Bison Apparel
Acworth, GA

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