Pre-Treat Training With IT Supplies

Pre Treat Training

The good people at IT Supplies of Chicago, IL came into St. Louis, MO for a DTG Pre-Treat training class. 

Co-President of Lawson Screen & Digital Products, Ben Landesman, led the class. An exciting day full of direct-to-garment learning. Lawson offers a variety of training classes covering a wide range of topics from, "How to Screen Print Your Own Shirts", to "Maintaining Your Automatic Printing Press".

This photo show a specialized training class on, "Best Practices on Using Pre-Treat Sprayers for DTG Printing". This full day class covered the Lawson Zoom-XL, Zoom and Easy-Stroke Pre-Treat spray devices. In addition, we covered how to use a gram scale when determining how much pretreat solution to apply, how to select DTG shirts that print the best, and how to properly cure pretreat solution.

To schedule your own training class at Lawson, call David at 314-382-9300 or e-mail him at

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