The Inventors of CTS and DTG Unite

Rhome McCue CTS

Matt Rhome and Geoff McCue are true pioneers in the imaging industry, united at one show.

CTS and DTG Inventors Reunited at Last

Matt Rhome and Geoff McCue, the inventors of CTS (computer to screen) and direct-to-garment, unite at the recent Imprinted Sportswear Show in Long Beach, CA. Both pioneers of the garment printing industry together in one place.

Geoff invented the first computer-to-screen imaging device in 1987, and sold his invention to Gerber Scientific in 1988. Matt invented, patented and demonstrated his DTG printer at the ISS Orlando Show in 1996; which printed full color! These two inventors have significantly impacted the t-shirt printing industry, and changed the way we all do business. Lawson appreciates Matt's and Geoff's incredible creativity and pioneering spirit they both display in their professional and everyday life. Their friends at Lawson are thankful they remain pillars in the imaging industry.

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