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Learn how to start a screen printing business with our How to Print video tutroial section, or learn how to optimize your printng with using the correct supplies the correct way. We manufacture a wide variety of automatic and manual screen printng and digital machines. You can see how easy each machine is to use in our equipment deomonstration section. If you are on the fence about a piece of equipment or about choosing Lawson as your silk screen needs provider, we have video testimonials to support Why Lawson is a good fit for you.

How to Print

Learn all that you need to know about the printing process. There are tutorial videos for screen printing, direct-to-garment printing, and digital printing.

How To Prepare Artwork for Digital Printing
How To Make a Film Positive
Weighing Your Pre Treat Preview
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Equipment Demonstrations

Watch demonstrations and overviews on all the Lawson Screen Printing Equipment and Digital Machines.

Silver Jet
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Customer Testimonials

Listen to what Lawson Screen & Digital customers have to say about us. From equipment and supplies, to service and care, Lawson provides the best.

Styles Clothing Company

Styles Clothing Co

Yoga Monkey Artistree

Yoga Monkey Artistree


High Plains Printer

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