Ulano Orange Textile Printing Emulsion

Ulano Orange Screen Print Emulsion

This photopolymer direct emulsion was created for imprinted sportswear printing.

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This photopolymer direct emulsion was created for imprinted sportswear printing, where fine lines and detail are essential. Orange is in the formulation as a "masking color" to reduce light scattering that is common when using light colored mesh. Light scattering is the most common cause of loss of resolution. Ulano Orange Emulsion is ideal for shops who do a large number of stencils and want to use the lest costly white mesh.

Features & Benefits

  • Orange, High contrast masking color: Improves resolution and definition Saves mesh costs: use white instead of more-expensive dyed mesh

  • Ultra fast exposing: Fast stencil throughput for high volume shops. Assures thorough exposure, even with weak light sources. Dependable polymerization assures durability and ink resistance. Excellent wet strength, exposure latitude, and durability.

  • High (44-46%) solids content: Dries quickly. Better mesh bridging; lower Rz value yields sharper printed edges.

  • High (6000-8000 centipoise) viscosity: Easier to control during coating, even on coarse mesh .

  • Water and Solvent resistant: Resists plastisols and many washup solvents. Resists some water-based inks, even without added diazo.

  • Shelf Life: unopened: 1 year at 70F (21C)

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