Plastisol Ink & Spot Remover - The IR-303

IR303 Plastisol Ink remover

Lawson's IR-303 Plastisol Ink Remover, when used in a spot cleaning gun, can clean mistakes up quickly.

The Wonders of Plastisol Ink Remover: IR-303

Accidental fingerprints on your garments? Missed a pinhole in your mesh screen, and it left a spot on a t-shirt? IR-303 is formulated to remove cured or wet plastisol ink mistakes. This product is non-flammable, has no solvent odors, and does not leave rings on your textiles. This picture was taken in our St. Louis warehouse. These one gallon size ink remover bottles were freshly poured and ready to be stocked on our shelves.

You can buy IR-303 Premium Ink Remover from our eStore.

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