Keeping Your Screen Printing Shop Clean

Spring Cleaning 1200x630 min

Keeping your screen printing shop clean is of course important all year-round.

However, now that Spring is finally here, take a day or two to really make sure your shop is in tip-top shape. As they say, clean space is a safe and productive space. Clean screens, equipment and over-all facilities clean can improve efficiency, quality and most importantly profits. Lint and dirt are the enemies of quality in screen printing. A dirty screen makes dirty prints. Dirty fan blades create pinholes in your screen. Lint on the floor, on a press, or inside your dryer can make for nappy looking t-shirts.

Keeping a clean shop is important, and it can be easy too!

  1. To minimize the effects of excess spray adhesive consider taping news print to the floor around the printing press.

  2. To remove lint from the dryer belt, wide it down with a wet wash cloth as it moves.

  3. Try sweeping and mopping the floor regularly to pick up dust and lint that may compromise your prints.

Try these helpful tips in your shop to save yourself time and money!

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