How to Go Green in Screen Printing

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To go green in your screen printing shop takes some effort, but carries a great potential for return.

Going Green FB min

The Go Green Movement in Screen Printing

Here are some easy steps that all screen printers looking to become more green can take to reduce waste. These simple environmentally friendly steps are an easy how to guide for protecting the environment. Environmentally conscious screen print and garment decoration practices can be a big selling point for a customer.

Lawson Screen Printing Going Green

The most basic green action is reducing shop waste. Implement a good recycling program for disposables. Firstly, everyone can do easily is to reuse shipping boxes and turning misprints into cleaning rags. Secondly, partner with your community to find schools that have paper only recycling dumpsters. A simple plastic tub next to a trash can is an easy way to divert paper waste from landfills. Also, check with your waste provider about pick ups for plastic, cardboard and aluminum items.

ID-360 Lawson screen printing plastisol ink degradent

Look for environmentally friendly biodegradable products like Lawson’s LSP ID-701 Ultra Wash or Lawson ID-360 Ink Degradent & Stain Remover. These are great products that work with plastisol ink but are made with soy and other biodegradable chemicals. The Ultra Wash combines screen wash, ink degradant, and haze remover into a one step cleaning process, cutting down on the amount of chemical you use. Use proper chemical waste disposal practices. Your supplier can be a helpful source of information on this topic.

Your machinery makes a difference as well. For instance, adding a filtration or re-circulation system to your screen developing and reclaiming area is a simple way to help your rivers, streams and waterways. Quartz flash units boast low power consumption and high efficiency. The key here is to maintain productivity balanced with economy, so when you are ready to replace or upgrade equipment look for machines that will do the job and offer energy savings at the same time.

Screen printing filtration system

Finally, take advantage of ‘effortless’ green. There are hundreds of printable products available that appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Garment materials like bamboo and hemp come from renewable resources. Recycled plastic products are a hot seller too. Familiarize yourself with eco-friendly choices and have samples on hand. Knowledge about your product is a strong selling point for your customers.

The Green movement is here to stay. Furthermore, making even small changes in your shop will lead to big returns from customers who appreciate those efforts!

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