Express-Jet/CTS Duct Tape Shirt Method

Express Jet Duct Tape

If you can believe it, duct-taping is actually a screen print method. Learn how it is a method.

The Lawson Express-Jet Computer to Screen (CTS) Imaging Technology

The printer, U.S. Recognition, used Lawson's computer to screen imaging technology, the Lawson Express-Jet/CTS, to separate the colors and put the image on the screens.

Brandon and Danny Gruinger, partner-owners of U.S. Recognition, at first skeptical, are now true believers in CTS technology and Lawson too! Lawson's computer to screen imaging technology, in addition to providing hi-def dot resolution and perfect screen-to-screen registration, also works seamlessly with their M & R Tri-Lock on-press registration system, and they now can register multi-color jobs in minutes, all in perfect registration. U.S. Recognition in Denver, CO are proud owners of a Lawson Express-Jet/CTS (computer-to-screen) screen imaging device. The photos above are an outstanding example of the cutting edge imaging technology that the Lawson Express-Jet/CTS is capable of...and all at the touch of a button! U.S. Recognition is quickly becoming one of the most capable and innovative printers in the country. We are thankful they put their trust in Lawson for this important CTS technology expansion.

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