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FastRIP XL for Epson Stylus Pro 7600 & 7800

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$1,295.00 Specify for MAC or PC

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FastRIP is a “Postscript” printer driver for your Epson inkjet. The FastRIP driver's job is to convert and control the image and then send it to the Epson printer.

Screen printers need halftones to simulate tones for realistic images. Color inkjet output does not use half-tones and the inkjet manufacturers have not designed that function into their software. Typically, an Image Processing language called Adobe Postscript is used to create halftone dots. There are also different versions of Postscript (like the standard Epson Postscript RIP) that won't shape halftones, but acurately reproduce Pantone Color, not create halftone dots because they expect to reproduce your picture directly on the photo paper, not make positives.

What is FastRIP™?
FastRIP™ is a PostScript interpreter called a Raster Image Processor or RIP. Without PostScript it is impossible to print high-quality halftone dots on a "non-PostScript" inkjet printer such as an Epson 2200 or 4000. Even if your printer has PostScript, it may not be able to print halftone dots because PostScript is often just used to calibrate and balance colors on an inkjet. The Epson "RIP" does not print halftone dots! FastRIP™ does!

And, FastRIP™ tells the inkjet printer to lay down a much denser deposit of black ink. You will think you are looking at imagesetter quality output. And... the halftone dots are carefully calibrated so if you specify a 50% dot you get a 50% dot on the film!

Easy To Use
With FastRIP™ you print directly from Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Corel™ Draw, Freehand or FastFilms™. There are no additional steps and no confusing commands or "hot folders." Just press the print button as you normally would. You specify the halftone line count and angle just like you always do. And, when you burn screens from clear film with crisp, sharp, black images that are as dense as imagesetter output, you will find your screens expose MUCH better. No more playing with exposure times like you do with laser output. Your halftone dots are a thing of beauty!

497-201-4-EA FastRIP™ 9.0 XL for PC
.................... $1,295.00
497-202-2-EA FastRIP™ 9.0 XL for MAC
................ $1,295.00


Windows (9.0 Windows XP, Vista, 2000 )
Mac (9.0 OS X 10.2.8+, 7.0 Classic 8.6 - 9.2.2)
Also available in English & Spanish

FastRIP™ 9.0 is compatible with the Epson Stylus Pro 7600 & 7800 using with FastINK.

Don't forget the FastINK with this FastRIP

For the best screen printing positives, install a FastINK cartridge in Slot 1 and Slot 4 in place of the Light Light Black and Light Black. ***

Ink Cartriage Slots:

Slot 1 = Light Light Black *** replace with FastINK Click here to buy 497-204-3-EA
Slot 2 = Light Magenta
Slot 3 = Light Cyan
Slot 4 = Light Black *** replace with FastINKClick here to buy 497-204-1-EA
Slot 5 = Matte Black or Photo Black
Slot 6 = Cyan
Slot 7 = Magenta
Slot 8 = Yellow

FastINK Black DYE Cartridges WILL work in UltraChrome printers- EPSON black DYE cartridges will not. FastINK™ is the best DYE based ink for making digital screen printing positives on the market. It is specially formulated for coated clear film and is designed to be quick drying, scratch resistant and have excellent UV blocking characteristics.

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